Being A Female Powerhouse In A Male-Dominated World with Adrianne Fekete

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Being A Female Powerhouse In A Male-Dominated World with Adrianne Fekete

My very special guest today is Adrianne Fekete and we talk about her incredible journey of becoming a Award-Winning Entrepreneur in a male dominated field.

She now dedicates her time to lifting other women up, by sharing their stories via the I Am Unbreakable™ podcast and magazine. The culture she fosters represent fearless, resilient female leaders who share their authentic, unfiltered stories about their dirt road to personal and professional success with their powerhouse community.


About Adrianne Fekete…  

She is a nationally renowned thought leader, an award-winning serial entrepreneur, as well as the founder of I Am Unbreakable™ and Star Quality Private Investigations®. She is dedicated to empowering women entering in male predominant industries and following their dreams, regardless of gender or obstacles.

For over two decades, she has had the privilege of serving as a certified Tony Robbins, Results Life Coach® to thousands of amazing individuals, as they navigated through life-testing, difficult moments. Her expertise continues to evolve, in part, to her amazing clients, who allow her the honour of guiding them on their personal path of healing. She has supported women who were told they could not do it because of gender, the parents of missing children, Fortune 500 CEOs who are extremely empty in their personal lives, a wife/husband whose partner has been unfaithful, families struggling to stay committed to loved ones with mental health issues, and the individual who can’t leave their addict partner and is suffering, to name a few.

Today they have a deeper understanding of themselves as well, they are equipped with tools on how to handle situations that are within their control. Her clients are able to view their most difficult obstacles as a gift of redirection, while finding their truth and changing their narrative three words at a time…YES YOU CAN!!

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