Confidence From The Inside Out - 3 Year Celebration Episode

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Confidence From The Inside Out - 3 Year Celebration Episode   

In this special 3-Year Celebration episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing panel of powerful women on the topic of body image and finding confidence from the inside out. 

 Dr. Monica Vermani, a clinical psychologist and author of 'A Deeper Wellness' brings her perspective of helping clients shift their life experiences by reframing how they see the world.

Agnes Kiesz, a professional photographer specializing in women over 40, talks to us about why women struggle with the camera and how you can change your experience via a transformational photoshoot.

Dr. Shelby Aitcheson, a Neurostructural Chiropractor and High Performance Mindset Coach, talks to us about the power of being present and how it can transform how you look at yourself in the mirror.


Listen now to learn…  

  • A new take on confidence that will change how you look at it
  • Why women struggle to feel confident in front of the camera and how to feel more comfortable being photographed 
  • Actionable strategies you can take to feel more confident from the inside out by simply changing your perspective! 


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About Our Guests…  

AGNES KIESZ = Agnes Kiesz is a professional photographer specializing in portraiture, both business and personal. She started learning the art of photography at 18. She founded her own business, Pure Studios, after leaving the world of television. Ever since, she has helped countless professionals create their personal brand through imagery. She has photographed CEO’s and executives, TV personalities and many, many entrepreneurs who need strong visual branding. Her motto is ‘let’s capture the pure you’, because whether she’s taking your business or personal photographs, she wants to capture your true, genuine spirit. 


DR. MONICA VERMANI = Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych. is a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, and advocate in the field of mental health and wellness. One of Canada’s highest-rated clinical psychologists, Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych provides a multi-faceted treatment approach in treating adults suffering from trauma/abuse, mood, anxiety, substance addictions, and more. Dr. Vermani is the founder of Start Living Corporate Wellness, a series of programs created to support and facilitate individuals’ efforts to overcome barriers that prevent them from living their best and most authentic life. Dr. Vermani’s latest book, A Deeper Wellness, and its online companion A Deeper Wellness Life Lessons, provide the tools to create a deep, authentic sense of wellness and well-being. Think About It!, Dr. Vermani’s recent TedX UofT Talk focuses on understanding and conquering negative thinking and self-limiting narratives and beliefs.


DR. SHELBY AITCHESON = Dr. Shelby Aitcheson is a Neurostructural Chiropractor and High Performance Mindset Coach. She has focused the last decade researching and learning the most effective tools and methodologies for Self Mastery and understanding the Mind-Body Connection. She coaches clients who are ready for deep change and transformation in the area of their mindset, health, and relationships.


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