Dropping The Struggle & Shortening The Gap To Your Goals

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Dropping The Struggle & Shortening The Gap To Your Goals

In today's episode, we talk about allowing the version of you that already exists within you to emerge!

Picture an area of your life that you've experienced prolonged struggle with, for example, your weight. You're just tired and fed up and you can't do this anymore. You just want a solution. You just want the problem to melt away!

The concept that we will contemplate in today’s episode is that the version of you that you’d love to have walk out into the world already exists inside of you!

This is a topic I’ve been contemplating for quite some time now and I am very excited to explain it in today’s conversation so you too can drop the struggle and shorten the gap to your goals!


 Listen now to learn… 

  • How it’s possible to have your best version emerge despite the circumstances
  • The importance of allowing yourself to feel like your best version, allowing this experience to guide your choices in situations of struggle
  • A perspective shift that will help you look at your past struggles at a different angle and shorten the gap to your goals


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