Loving Your Skin In Midlife & Beyond With Dr. Keira Barr MD

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Loving Your Skin In Midlife & Beyond With Dr. Keira Barr MD

In today's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Keira Barr, who is a dual board-certified integrative dermatologist, on the topic of skin health and loving your skin in midlife and beyond. In this incredible conversation, we covered many interesting topics such as anti-aging practices, the accelerants of skin aging in midlife, as well as the changes our skin goes through as we age.

We also talk about hormones and the role that they play behind the scenes, as well as a special skin condition called psoriasis from a very holistic standpoint. Dr. Barr also shares with us her simplest skin routine essentials, which I really love because I'm all for simplicity! Listen to get her expert advice on what to focus on to get great skin results!

Listen now to learn…  

  • Dr. Barr’s perspective on the concept of anti aging and some anti-aging practices she recommends
  • The role your hormones play when it comes to your skin
  • Dr. Barr’s simplest skin routine essentials that will help you get great results while maintaining a simple skin care routine


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About Dr. Keira Barr MD…  

Dr. Keira Barr MD blends science with soul as a somatic coach, breathwork guide and dual board-certified integrative dermatologist empowering women around the world with the tools needed to help them gain the control, clarity and confidence they crave. As the host of the Skinny Dipping Prescription podcast and creator of Somatic Skin Science, she’s redefining skincare as the embodiment of our lived experience through no B.S. conversations, straight-up truths and tangible, actionable advice. Her work has been featured in MindBodyGreen, Better Homes and Gardens’, Reader’s Digest, Glamour, SELF, Oprah Magazine, and more.

Here is where you can find her:


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