Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Emotional Safety With Dr. Amy Baker

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Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Emotional Safety With Dr. Amy Baker

My very special guest today is Dr. Amy Baker and we talk about such an important topic, which is relationships! We are currently in the holiday season, which we all know is a busy time of year that for many people comes with a lot of relationship challenges, family gatherings and stress. So we decided to bring you this episode today to help give you some new perspective shifts and help you build healthy relationships! This is such a juicy episode and I'm very pleased to share it with you.

Listen now to learn…  

  • What it means to take 100% responsibility for our emotional safety and some tangible examples
  • What it looks like to have a healthy relationship
  • The role of our own selves and our own self-awareness when it comes to relationships and emotional safety


About Dr. Amy Baker…  

Dr. Baker left a career in pharmacy in 2021 to pursue what she knows to be the root of health, which is a healthy and resilient nervous system. She sold everything and “hit the road.” Her mission is to bring the human experience back to health at large, and to foster the collective understanding that if we are not addressing our nervous system health, we are not addressing health.

She loves working with healthcare leaders and professionals who are tired of working in a broken and disempowering system and who want to be part of the positive paradigm shift for themselves and their patients.

Here is where you can find her:


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