These Authority Voices May Be The Reason You Feel Stuck

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These Authority Voices May Be The Reason You Feel Stuck

In today’s episode, we talk about authorities which is the terminology I like to use in my work to refer to any voice, perspective or influence that changes your behaviour and how you feel about yourself that does not come from within you.

An authority could be, for example, magazines, the media, a political force or influence, a friend, a neighbour, or even a well meaning family member. Those voices and perspectives, depending on how deeply ingrained they are in your understanding of yourself and your sense of self, lead to confusion about who we are and who we believe we are.

The reason why this is important in the context of weight release is that a big part of the journey is getting closer and closer to your most authentic blueprint, your unedited version, that is happy to jump out of bed and go conquer today! And this sense of fulfillment that comes from acting within our own zone of genius, your own inner priorities, is the fuel that helps you conquer difficult things and climb tall mountains such as weight release.


 Listen now to learn…  

  • Why recognizing your own personal authorities is so important if you are pursuing a weight release journey
  • The empowerment women experience from breaking from their shell and recognizing who they truly are
  • My 3-step process to help you identify the authority voices in your life and find the fuel you need to conquer the challenges in your life, such as weight release


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