Transcending Narcissists In Your Life With Stacey Aarssen

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Transcending Narcissists In Your Life With Stacey Aarssen

My very special guest today is Stacey Aarssen, and we talk about narcissism as well as how to transcend having either a parent, a spouse or someone close to you that has strong expressions of the narcissistic trait.

In this conversation, Stacy and I go over some definitions and talk about the spectrum that is narcissism.

Stacy is very transparent and beautifully vulnerable by sharing her experience of being raised by a narcissistic mother.

She shares with us how the relationship has been challenging up to this day, but also how it has helped her transcend so much in her life when it comes to self-worth, as well as finding her place in the world and in a position of leadership.

If you find yourself in a similar spot, Stacey shares how you can get started on your own journey of self-discovery and how to be comfortable being yourself without the need of external validation or dimming your light to suit somebody else and their desires for how you express yourself! 


Listen now to learn…  

  • What exactly is narcissism
  • The steps of the process that Stacey has taken to start her healing journey
  • The blessings that Stacey got out of her experience being raised by a narcissistic parent 


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About Stacey Aarssen...

Boasting 17 years as a financial advisor and 25 in the family business, Stacey's expertise guides business owners in developing employee benefits packages that boost retention and align with company culture.

A mother to three and wife to her best friend and business partner John, Stacey is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Her insights are treasured by women's organizations like Elizabeth Fry Toronto. Stacey's passion lies in aiding entrepreneurs in implementing optimal financial strategies for their businesses.

Here is where you can find her: 


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