Unusual Ways To Regain Control Of Your Cravings

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Unusual Ways To Regain Control Of Your Cravings  


In today's episode we talk about an important topic; cravings!

I share with you two very unusual ways to not just handle cravings but most importantly, understand them.

Something I have been very passionate about over many years is understanding how our mind works! That's because if we know the rules of the game, then we have a chance of winning, whereas if all we're doing is playing the game without actually contextually understanding what is going on, we just keep going back in circles!

So keeping that in mind, today I bring you a new perspective that you likely have not considered yet which can help you understand your cravings and finally regain control over them!

Listen now to learn…  

  • The two main reasons why most dieters fail to lose weight and/or maintain the results long-term
  • Different ways to categorize your cravings and how this may help you regain control of your eating habits
  • Two very unusual ways to help you understand your cravings and handle them


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